The creative power is stronger than who owns it.

Sooner or later everyone realises that there are unrepeatable moments and that those unique gifts capable of arousing in us, and in those who will receive them, shivers to the skin and tears of joy, should be celebrated.

This is where desires are born and very often they are so profound as to be able to excite both us and those dear to us. The jewels that I make allow people to tell the true and authentic stories of those who commission them and those who will receive them as gifts.

You can be a guest or a collaborator and I will be happy to show you the secrets of my profession by involving you in the phases of conception and creation of the jewel.

You will be able to try on a preview of your creation thanks to 3D design and prototyping. Technological and digital tools, alongside the ancient techniques of Italian goldsmithing, will be at your service.

Authenticated appraisal and gemological analysis will legally guarantee the value of your investment, whilst having a unique experience that will make your jewel even more precious still.

If you wish to know more about my working method and jewels, if you want an item which is both rare and capable of telling a story, your story, do not hesitate to contact me directly or come to see me in person.