There are moments which deserve to be celebrated with unique jewels, moments which tell the story of the person that wears them.
Satisfy your desire for exclusive high quality jewellery.

Be a guest in my goldsmith's workshop, where I will be happy to show you the secrets of my craft.

I will engage you in each phase of the design and creation of your jewel. You will be able to appreciate the specific characteristics of metals and precious gems, all crafted with precision tools.

You will have the opportunity to try on a prototype of your creation with my 3D design preview and prototyping work. A careful combination of technical and digital tools are used alongside the seemingly contrasting, but complementary, ancient techniques of the goldsmith tradition.

Your purchase will be accompanied by an authenticated appraisal and gemmological analysis; documents which legally guarantee the value of the investment.

You will have a unique and original, personalised jewellery experience, making your custom purchase even more precious. If you wish to know more about my working method and jewels, if you want an item which is both rare and capable of telling a story, your story, do not hesitate to contact me directly or come to see me in person.