Jewellery Vacations

The greatest joy is the one that was not expected (Sophocles)
Duration: 4 sessions
Language: Italian or English
Maximum participants: 4
Booking: Essential

We will design your Jewel together in 3D. Once the details are defined, you can organize your vacation. We will work together via video call, online or directly in the studio. This will be an extremely special occasion where you can take home a unique jewel made with your own hands, with opportunity to visit local sights and experience typical local products. 


My goldsmith's workshop is located in the town of Altamura, in Puglia, located in the province of Bari on the inland Murge plateau.

At the centre of a landscape with great historical, cultural, and culinary heritage.

The footsteps of the Dinosaurs, the (Palaeolithic) Man of Altamura, the Alta Murgia National Park, the (UNESCO World Heritage Centres) Sassi of Matera, Castel del Monte and the Trulli of Alberobello, the Valle d'Itria, the beaches, exceptional local cuisine, fabulous wines and much more.  There are countless elements that combine to make a holiday in these parts become truly "unforgettable".

€ 500,00


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How does it work?

The Jewellery Vacation is a special adventure in which you can forge your memories, amongst unforgettable places and flavours.

This is an extraordinary opportunity and for this reason requires careful consideration in regards, not only to where to stay and where to eat, but above all to what this experience could represent for you and your partner.

It could be a surprise for your partner, or a jointly planned shared experience. We will design and prototype the jewellery piece in 3D and define and refine it online, by telephone, using screen sharing, or here face to face in my studio from stages A to Z.


I have thus chosen to offer my clients an opportunity to unite the magic of a stay amongst the enchanting beauty of Puglia and Basilicata with the extraordinary experience of joining me in my goldsmithing workshop for either a Narrative Jewelry, Narrative Wedding Rings or Goldsmith for the Day.

Each time I think about the Jewellery Vacation experience, I think immediately of a moment in which the couple can dedicate to themselves, moments of joy and pleasure, of surprise and magic.

It will be a moment that will always bring warmth to the flow of your days together. A Jewellery Holiday, which may end with an engagement proposal, or a marriage proposal, or simply with a fantastic memory to take home with you in your heart.

Why choose a Jewellery Vacation?

So… you leave for your Jewellery Vacation and once here you will ‘live’ the forging of your very own piece of jewellery or the setting of precious gemstones at your own ease.

Under the microscope you will see the chosen gemstones and you will be able to assist in the completion of the work through an experience which will fill you with ecstasy and knowledge.

Few and far between are the places in the world one can encounter this type of experience in the total security and serenity we offer, and I am certain that you will enjoy yourselves and that for you it will be an unforgettable Jewellery Vacation.
luoghi da visitare

Place to visit

dove rilassarsi

Where to relax

soggiorno in intimità

Stay in intimacy



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