It's incredible! I, Antonio Colonna, was once again awarded at the Italian Wedding Awards, jewellery category, repeating the success of  2019 and 2020.

Italian Wedding Awards, a special edition

The Italian Wedding Awards, now in its sixth edition, rewards excellence and professionalism in the Italian wedding industry in each category (i.e. jewellery, wedding dresses, groom's dresses, banqueting, wedding cars, cake designers, destination wedding planners, videographers, photographers). This year for the first time in the world, Italian Wedding Awards, conceived by Camelia Lambru and Mariangela Savonarota, takes the wedding industry on a cruise and chooses MSC Seaview as its location and becomes a Bleisure event. After winning the National finals in 2019 and 2020, in the Jewellery category among the best wedding suppliers I was once again confirmed as the national winner.

The jury, made up of national and international judges, for the jewellery section wanted to reward once again not only Antonio Colonna, but an idea: that behind every single piece of jewellery there is a thought, an intuition, a concept, a real experience lived in first person.

Sartorial and serial jewellery

Since I started my career, I have always been on the side of true Made in Italy. In other words, I have taken a position. I wanted to make as many people as possible aware of the importance of choosing a sartorial piece of jewellery, the result of a creative process that starts with the idea and ends with the delivery, over an industrial product (mostly from abroad) mass-produced as if it were a car.

There. When I want to explain in a few words the difference between industrial jewellery and sartorial jewellery, I use this metaphor. Mass-produced jewellery is like a car, made in hundreds of thousands. It may vary from model to model in terms of comfort and options, but the basic idea is unique.

The sartorial or handcrafted jewel is a one-off, unique in every way. Special in the true sense of the word. You need to know what questions to ask yourself when choosing your wedding rings or engagement rings, and in this article I will address some of them.

Unfortunately, in the last twenty years most people have been educated to choose a piece of jewellery only from the aspect of money and notoriety, forgetting time and again that there is so much more to it than that, which cannot be taken into consideration at all if you end up going to a commercial multi-brand jeweller.

Meaning of victory

I know very well that many people know that if you want to buy a piece of jewellery, it is in a jeweller's shop that you go. This is because it is rare to meet professionals who offer services like mine. And then there is also the fact that many people believe they don't have time to commission unique jewellery and therefore end up falling for the banal commercial designer jewellery.

Thanks to these successes and to all the customers who share their stories and wishes with me every day, I am aware that I have opened up a new world with a new way of experiencing and buying jewellery. There is still a long way to go, but it is full of exciting adventures to be experienced by my customers.

Since 1993, when I started on the road to becoming a Master Goldsmith, I have been carrying on the same concept: through jewellery you give a feeling, a piece of life, a meaning, an authentic and indelible emotion to carry in your heart and in your family stories through time.

Keep following me, on this blog you will find interesting updates on everything related to my creations and curiosities about the world of jewellery.

I look forward to seeing you, Antonio Colonna.

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