Goldsmiths for the day

We live not to accumulate things,
but experiences…

Duration: 6 hours
Language: Italian or English
Maximum participants: 2
Booking: essential

The workshop includes the exclusive use of the studio with an expert goldsmith, a photographic reportage and a break with typical Apulian products.  It will be a special date when you can toast and celebrate the forging of your personal wedding rings.



This is a symbolic ritual that serves to create personalised wedding rings with one's own hands.

Experience the creation of your rings, not only as a process, but first of all as a conception, because their creation is not only a craft, but above all a ritual through which indelible memories can be forged to be carried in the heart for life.

€ 500,00


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An immersive experience.Clients who choose this exclusive option, will don work coats and, together with me, will take the various steps that will lead to the perfect refinement of unique wedding rings, or unique engagement rings, which takes place in a reciprocal manner; she will make the ring for him, he will do the same for her.

Goldsmiths for a day is a real symbolic ritual, a fundamental date like that of marriage or the first kiss, a surprise that one of the two partners decides to give to the other, the sublime synthesis of a couple's life.

It is worth considering that the unique rings made during goldsmiths for a day can also be narrative jewels. Jewels that arise from the encounter between your story and my tools, between your creativity and my hands. Narrative jewels always keep their story. In this case, your story, the one you will tell for years to come and others will tell also, all thanks to the symbols from which the precious creations will take shape.

Goldsmiths for the day
How does it work?

Reception and presentation of activities
The couple put on their work-coats and begin to work side by side with the Goldsmith
Measurement of the metals for the alloy in 18kt Gold
Preparation of the crucible and mould for melting the metals
Modelling and finishing of the two rings
Postage and packaging
The delivery of the rings is a special moment for me. Sublime is the idea, the experience, the gift of ‘goldsmiths for the day’, for an unforgettable memory.
In addition to the full photo reportage service, we can offer a short facebook-live, in order for friends and relatives to participate.


Goldsmiths for the day combines knowledge and intimacy in a unique experience that will remain engraved in your memories forever.

Knowledge. Many wear a ring, but how many know what is behind its creation? With Goldsmiths for the day, I raise the curtain to show behind the scenes. Cutting, forging, soldering will no longer be a mystery to you, but will become moments to talk about.

Intimacy. During the hours when the experience takes place, my workshop will remain the exclusive reserve of the couple.

Memories. Those that will remain imprinted forever in the mind, in the heart and soul of those who will make this unique experience their own.

And you? Are you intrigued by Goldsmiths for a day? You are not alone. There are already many couples who have tried this experience. There are many couples from Italy and further afield who have chosen to create their personalised wedding bands with me, tattooing on their hearts moments of authentic magic. You too can choose whether to publish your photos and your story in my blog.

It is a pleasure to await you!