jewelry which tells a story

Who said that emotions can not be touched?
Duration: 3 meetings
Language: Italian or English
Maximum number: 4 people
Booking: obligatory

The experience of a narrative jewel takes place through either a video call online or directly in the studio. It will be a special occasion where you can express your creativity, your poetry, your taste. The prototype and the 3D project will be the guarantee of a certified result and each Narrative jewel will have a numerical identification code.

How a narrative jewel is conceived and the importance of words

Starting from this dichotomy I developed a method that, together with the client, leads me to the creation of precious desired, thoughtful, sought-after: Narrative jewels.

A gift, in fact, to be created to be handed over to others or, why not, to oneself.

A narrative jewel is a creation that needs an encounter. The one between your story and my tools, between your creativity and my hands.

€ 500,00

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A present or a gift?

If you think to make a Gift, it is certain that you are not looking for a gift.
But what is the difference between these two words?

The Gift is to show Magnificence to make up for debt and show gratitude. The Gift comes from the heart and unlike the gift, it is a tribute to the feelings, and not to the person. The gift will always be more important and more significant than the object, regardless of its economic value, while the gift will remain over time miserable or anonymous, even when it is very expensive.

Read the story of Enrique and his "Le Sirene" engagement jewel.

Narrative jewelry: the creative process in 3 steps

A narrative jewel preserves a story. Yours. What you will tell and that others will tell thanks to the symbols from which the precious will take shape.

Yes, together. You will be the director who will provide me with the starting point for the journey that we will face, an authentic experience of the jewel that has as its goal the Creation understood not only as a realization but first of all as a conception.

The creation, not only of a Jewel but above all of the indelible memories to bring into the heart. A unique artefact in the world, a symbol of memory to be handed down to posterity.

After setting an appointment at my laboratory or online, here are the 3 steps that will lead us to the creation of your narrative jewel.

Inspirational game

First exploratory and cognitive meeting, where we consider the story you will want to represent through the creation of the narrative jewel. Do you know the game of inspiration? It's a lot of fun and it's also an opportunity that will allow you to discover many things that you may not yet know about your creativity.

Stylistic research

We produce graphic drafts. Let's draw together the 3d jewel in my studio, or online in screen sharing. You will be previewing the photos, the rendering and the 3D prototype, which you can also receive by mail at your home. These are the guarantees that I offer before moving on to the real Jewel forging.

Jewel forging

Now you can watch the realization of the jewel. For you it will be an emotion and an experience that will bring you memories and knowledge. If you decide to stay next to me at this stage, you will participate personally in the processes of creation and embedding of precious gems, between ancient and modern instruments.
Every detail is perfectly clear and defined. When you receive your jewel it will be identical to the 3D project and if it is not so you can return it. Here is a 3D design example with its 360-degree rotatable preview directly on your device.


At this point the Narrative Jewel is really yours, all that remains is to photograph it for the signature of the certificate of ownership and a certified expert report with an attached gemological analysis if provided with precious gems.

If you want to donate the jewel you donate not to yourself, but to your partner, then don't forget that this is not only the moment in which you can finally pick up your jewel but above all the moment when you will have to decide where and how to donate it.

These are the moments that will remain etched in the memory of your partner and for this, they are not to be underestimated and if you have no idea it will be a pleasure for me to talk about it to share ideas and news.


What does the narrative jewel include?

To protect the risk of loss, duplicates of the certificates will be provided exclusively for this kind of unique and exciting experience. Furthermore, thanks to the 3D design file you can always decide to reproduce an identical one, so your narrative jewel can never be lost forever.

Getting them is simple.
These are private documents, which guarantee ownership, authenticity, uniqueness and the process of creating the precious.

Why choose a narrative jewelry

These precious objects are not only accessories or elements of undoubted beauty, but the expression of a place, of a time of culture. They are a manifestation of human experience.
It is a living matter that has the ability to ferry a story from generation to generation. As such it releases emotions, memory, sensations. In a word. Art.