il Piccolo Palazzi Fabbri Editor

When I was a child, I adored browsing through this dictionary. Everything began for me here, as I tried to figure out which one of the figures was my favourite.

I was 8 years old and I was not particularly interested in the words, I just loved the illustrations. Then, once drawn in by the pictures, I learned to appreciate the meaning of the words, even though I could not yet understand their practical use.

Unconsciously, my curiosity around this strange word "goldsmith" had developed, and my teachers advised me to choose a creative education route. I had so many new and strange ideas, I loved drawing and experimenting with materials.

Finally, at the age of thirteen, I enrolled in the Goldsmith Art Department of the Art Institute, and I finally began to understand the application of those unusual words I was so enchanted by.
I looked at jewelry images in magazines, in the way I look at the moon today, and I wondered if I could ever become able to create masterpieces as meticulously curated as them.

From a curiosity to love, from a love to a great passion for this world.
So began the story of a young man who dreamed to become a Master Goldsmith.