New-mother jewel: The perfect combination to celebrate a birth, perhaps the greatest mystery of life. In this article I will give you some useful ideas to make such a moment eternal.

How? Through a personalised piece of jewellery which tells a story; that of the parents, that of the newborn.


The birth of a child has always represented a deeply spiritual moment, independent of the more biological and chemical side of things. Feelings like fear and joy, along with the awareness that nothing will be ever be the same again, accompany pregnancy, and then labour, to those moments that probably contain the meaning of life: when a new existence comes to light.

Since ancient times this moment has been surrounded by mystery. And this mystery, at any latitude, is present in all religions: the fear that such an event could endanger the future mother and the unborn child has led since the dawn of time to the invocation of supernatural entities, sent to watch over and take care of the two lives.

  • The Hindus invoked Sarasvati, the goddess appointed to position the foetus correctly.
  • The Incas asked for protection from Mama Quilla (protector of women) and Mama Ocllo (goddess of
  • The Mayan people turned to Akna, goddess of motherhood and childbirth.
  • Native Americans prayed to Atahensic, the goddess caring for childbirth and women in general.
  • In Scandinavia, their faith was in Frigg, the goddess of marriage and childbirth.

Even today, birth is a moment of trepidation, happiness and reflection on what we really are. Why this event? What is hiding? What is our baby looking for? Will we be able to give him everything he wants? Will we be good parents? Will I be able to protect him and will I be able to understand when it is time to let him go his own way? These are just some of the thousands of questions that run through the minds of a new mother and father.

I have attempted to cover the meaning of birth in just these few lines. Millions of books, however, would most probably not suffice, so profound is the upheaval that this event entails.

That's why I'm not surprised that I'm often asked for jewellery for new mothers. Personal and exclusive jewels, because every birth holds a different story. In the next section I will give you some examples.


In my goldsmiths workshop I have made several jewels for new mothers. Here are some ideas.

A trilogy. Buds of white and rose gold with three diamonds to represent two lives that give light to a third. Here is a jewel for a mother that contains emotions to be passed on to the child, who may become a young man may be told. "Well, we had this gem made whilst thinking of you while you were still cradled on our lap".

In this case, the father wanted to recall the transformation of the family unit from 2 to 3. Three stones were chosen with different characteristics: the two sides represent the parents, who meet to give life to the greatest and most precious gift of their life, symbolised by a bigger diamond in the middle.

Nativity. Rose gold pendant, entirely hand-carved. This jewel for new mother holds another extraordinary story. Why the hands? Well, we wanted to recall the moments in which for the first time the parents finally made contact with their child. It was a premature baby, born at 7 months. The little girl had to be an incubator in the neonatal ward for some time before coming into contact with her parents.

After that time, finally, mom and dad were able to touch their baby and hold her in their arms. The father wanted to make that moment memorable, sealing it in this creation that recalls the first contact between parents and daughter.

Embroidery. A very popular New-mother jewel. When a baby comes to life there is a moment that will remain impressed on mom and dad: the fraction of a second in which their eyes cross those of their child. A glow recalled by this Florentine style white gold band.

These are just some of the ideas behind creations I have made, that have delighted new parents, and that one day will amaze those children who, having reached an age of awareness, will understand just how much affection their mum and dad held for them in that moment of their birth.

Please do not hesitate to ask for information or guidance on a tailor-made jewel to celebrate the birth of a new life. I will be happy to talk to you. In anticipation...