«A ring to tell a passion
I did not have a clear idea. I wanted something that was coloured, unique, precious and that had a particular significance. Antonio invited me to talk about myself. Thus I told him about my cereals company that challenges the arid Apulian Murgia.

I say arid because it is really difficult for plants to thrive in the Murgia zone unless they are cereals. For this, at the entrance of my offices, when I started my business, I planted some prickly pear plants.
Today they are trees with the weird coloured fruits and when I look at them I recall the goals I have attained.

Through this story, we  found the idea for my jewel.
A ring that would represent a prickly pear!
The colours of this luxuriant plant have brought us to the choice of the central stone: the Ethiopian Opal. A stone that comprehends yellow, orange, red and green: the colours of the prickly pear and of the land that I work on every day.

Antonio has succeeded in interpreting my desires and in finding a perfect solution for me. A pair of sketches, the 3D project, the prototype, the finished jewel. 
I liked the ring very much and I wore it as soon as I got it.
Refined, perfect, elegant, unique and, most of all, mine!»