«A ring for a wedding proposal.
I had asked Antonio for a special ring to give to Esther on the occasion of our first year together, on the Vaadhoo island.

I asked her to marry me and I wanted the ring to have  the colours of that piece of paradise.
The Aquamarine evokes the spectacular effect of waves, a show of very rare bioluminescence. The two lines of diamonds recall fluorescent sand, the paths of our bright prints in the night, our lives that would have crossed in a project of common life.

Now, every time my wife wears it, we look at each other and remember that magic night. A great part of the credit for this goes to Antonio, that thought up this precious jewel and was able to model our special memory of love. It is a unique jewel not only because it was designed for us, but also because it symbolises only our story.»

Riccardo .S.