Bespoke Jewelry

Uniqueness is also elegance and grace.
The future of the jewelry world will be what it originally was.
A place of unique and exclusive pieces.

Research, a moment of discovery and rediscovery of exclusivity and uniqueness, which in each of us lives by nature. The fourth industrial revolution has already begun and art is its secret companion and lover.

Bespoke jewelry created with the customer

My passion is to make customized jewelry, personalized and exclusive.
This is why I have developed a method aimed at creating Exception, Uniqueness and Singularity.

Realization of unique jewels, the creative process in 3 steps

The creative process involves me, Antonio Colonna, and Te.
Do you want a unique jewel?
Here are the steps that we will follow online in shared screen or directly in my laboratory.
We will take inspiration for the jewel, from a photo, a suggestion or a vague idea and by email or by subscribing to the reserved area, you will receive the draft 3D Design
Shared review of the jewel of proportions and details by sending the 3D prototype in 1: 1 size by mail or taken directly in the studio
Handmade realization of the unique and exclusive customized jewel.
In case of precious gems, you can attend the assembly and embedding procedures directly in my laboratory. In addition you can choose whether to accompany your jewel of authenticated expertise on delivery.


A personalized jewel is created especially for you or for those who receive it.

An exclusive jewel holds an extra Value, the awareness that there is no other equal in the world.

A bespoke jewel has the possibility of being treated better than an industrial jewel.

Have you ever explained the difference between a legal and a commercial certificate? If you want to know more, contact me.

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