Jewelery restoration and repair

Repairing is the art of reviving
Since my first experiences in Florence and Valenza Po, cradles of Italian goldsmiths who have professionally trained me, I have dedicated a lot of space to learning and applying ancient jewelry restoration and repair techniques.

Restore and repair jewelry, my method

I am at your disposal to carry out any type of service, you can also choose whether to attend the technical repair or restoration operations.

The care of the jewel, both as an investment and as a treasure chest containing emotions and memory, is in fact a fundamental, as delicate, part of my work.

Each operation will be carried out directly in my goldsmith workshop, so no one other than me will be responsible and interlocutor for the services requested.

In this way you will be sure of what happens to your jewelry without unpleasant surprises.

How I carry out the maintenance of the jewel

For the creation phases the customer can also be protagonist, but for the maintenance of the jewel my client can only be a spectator and assist in the various phases of recovery of his jewel.
Maintenance takes place in your presence. It is not just a question of transparency. Attending the operations will allow you to live a unique experience and enrich your personal knowledge.
If you do not want or you can attend the maintenance, you will have the opportunity to leave the precious to the maximum care of my goldsmith laboratory and withdraw it whenever you want.
In the case of a jewel to be restored, you can choose whether to restore the structure to its original state or to preserve the signs of ageing.
You will know all the options available for the recovery of your jewelry and after considering them together, you will choose the most appropriate solution, tailored to your needs.


Taking care of your jewel means protecting an investment, economic and emotional.

To protect means to conserve. Keep an asset as we have known it.

Stop the time of emotion, crystallize it, protect it and deliver it to us and to those who come after us. Do you want to repair or restore a jewel?

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